3 Skills That Create the Best Love and Sex of Your Life After 40

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Dating and relationships after 40 are challenging for many reasons. You may have noticed that you’re….

  • Not sure what you want at this age and are afraid to waste precious time you won’t get back
  • Frustrated when women don’t say yes -- especially when it's confusing
  • Feeling awkward and doubting that you're desirable as your body ages and changes
  • Worried about repeating painful patterns from past relationships
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If this is familiar, you’re not alone, and it's definitely not your fault. It can be hard to imagine having the best love and sex of your life after breakups and challenging relationships, but I’ve helped thousands of men and it's possible for you. There are a few important skills I teach my clients so you can…

  • Find the clarity that makes women drawn to you and want to get to know you
  • Know what makes a great woman say yes -- and ways to turn it around if she doesn’t
  • Confidently access your desirability and use your changing body to create connection and intimacy like you've never had
  • Create a solid foundation for a healthy, supportive, and exciting relationship

Have the Love and Sex-Life Most Men Only Dream of,
That Strengthens, Rather Than Fades, As You Get Older

Join me for this free 3 day Masterclass where you’ll learn the most important skills my clients learn. These skills decrease the effort and struggle in dating and sex, and inspire women to choose YOU for a relationship and sex. You can be desired and chosen by the woman you want, and have a loving, hot relationship. And you don't need games, lines or any alpha shit.

I know there are many things you need to focus on and invest in – career, health, family, etc. But I also know the biggest predictor of health and happiness is a loving, committed relationship. When most people look back at the end of their lives, they don’t tend to wish they had more money or success, they wish they’d had the connection, affection, and intimacy that made their life amazing.

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I Understand That When I Act Now,

I get Access to the 3 Day Masterclass -- 3 Skills That Create the Best Love and Sex of Your Life After 40 -- which Includes:

  • How to authentically capture a woman's affection and create sexual spark after 40
  • The missing link to eliminate pressure, so women feel safe to open, and an overwhelming desire to choose you
  • How to put an end to feeling creepy and know when a woman is ready for a deeper heart connection and/or sexual exploration
  • What you can do to stir a woman’s hidden desire to open to you, while you remain relaxed and confident
  • The key to decrease anxiety, so you can engage confidently and naturally with any woman

From coaching thousands of men, I know that if you're drawn to my work, you have the capacity to have more intimate and exciting connection and sex than most men ever will. To get you the actionable skills you need (And by the way, these skills are also the foundation of having affection, connection and intimacy for the rest of your life) the class is broken into three days.

Increase your irresistibility, especially after 40, while you remain genuinely YOUrself

End the confusion about what women’s minds, hearts and bodies are trying to tell you in each moment

DAY 3: SKILL #3: WE:
Learn the fundamentals of communication and collaboration that open women and draw on your masculine skills

3 Skills That Create the Best Love and Sex of Your Life After 40 is Free!

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I Also Understand,

That When I Act Now, I Get These Amazing Bonuses:

Here's What Men Are Saying

I Have a More Connected and Passionate Relationship

I turned to Shana even though I’m in a men’s group and deeply value men supporting me. Talking about relationship is something that feels very vulnerable. Men have their own stories, advice and judgments.

Shana listens without judgment or the “right way” to do things. Her listening and wisdom gave me the clarity to move forward, take powerful action and have more connection and passion in my relationship.

- J.B.

It’s Like I’ve Progressed 20 Years in a Few Weeks

Before working with Shana, I felt I had to conceal my sexuality with women to not offend them. It’s like I’ve progressed 20 years in a few weeks. I’ve never felt so good about myself, or so secure. My new girlfriend and I made wild, passionate love until 4am last night. I love how I feel now. The money spent was a bargain.

– Joseph

I Found the Same Success in Love I Was Having With My Company

Before I met Shana I was dealing with heartbreak. I was confused and needed help understanding women. With Shana’s love coaching I learned to connect with women in a deeper way. One woman found the new way I listened and paid attention so sexy that we fell in love. My relationships with my family and close friends improved too.

– Andrew

I More Easily Meet, Connect With and Date Incredible Women

Before Shana, women were strange creatures I was trying to learn to ‘control.’ I had a successful life but women did not make sense to me.

Shana helped me understand women. Now I can more easily meet, connect with and date incredible women.

– Kreso

I Made it Through Divorce and I’m Happier Than Ever

Before working with Shana I was heading towards a divorce and was miserable. With her help I made it through and was able to meet a wonderful woman. She has made me happier than I ever was.  

– Pete

3 Day Masterclass: September 19th - 21st
5:00pm PT / 8:00pm ET start
The classes will be approximately 45-60 minutes.

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