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What is Dating After Divorce: How to Avoid the 3 Things That Mess it up For Men?

Shana has spent almost twenty years coaching men to have successful dates and relationships. This e-book brings together the most important information you need as you start over, to make sure you don't end up repeating the same painful and unsatisfying relationship patterns. By the end of this e-book you'll know:

• How to avoid being one of the two-thirds of second marriages that fail
• How to keep the passion alive in your next relationship
• The three things that can tell you if she’s a one-night stand or a long-term match
• How to restore your power when a relationship ends so the next one is on your terms
• How to make your next relationship your sexiest and most satisfying one ever

Plus - Bonus section: Passion During Pandemic: 3 Ways to Create More Attraction On Virtual Dates

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For 15 years Shana James, M.A. has coached more than a thousand men -- CEOs, authors, speakers and those with big visions to find love, rekindle spark, create a legacy, step into more powerful leadership,  create more effective teams,  get promoted, and become more personally inspired and fulfilled.

She is known for her ability to assess, in just a few minutes, the cause of dissatisfaction and stuck points in your love life and career. Referred to as a secret weapon, she cuts through distraction and provides direct access to your confidence, power and clarity. She is also a translator between women and men, providing effective tools to transform painful conversations and dynamics into connection and collaboration.

Shana has an M.A. in psychology, DISC certification, coaching training, and a committed mindfulness practice. With more than a decade facilitating groups and workshops, starting multiple businesses and helping hundreds start their own, going through her own divorce and raising a child, her range of skills is unlike many other coaches.



I Married an Amazing Woman and Started a Career I Love

Before working with Shana I was timid and uncertain, lacking confidence and uncomfortable around women. Shana helped me transform my entire life so that I am not just a confident man, but I married an amazing woman who balances me and continually helps me grow. I also now have a successful career in Clinical Nutrition that allows me to I interact with others in ways I did not think were possible before I worked with Shana.

Having confidence has changed everything about my life and myself – the way I carry myself, the way I interact with others, the goals and relationships I have. Life is a lot easier without having this level of anxiety and worry. Having confidence helps me make conscious decisions that guide me through challenging times.


It’s Like I’ve Progressed 20 Years in a Few Weeks

Before working with Shana, I felt I had to conceal my sexuality with women to not offend them. It’s like I’ve progressed 20 years in a few weeks. I’ve never felt so good about myself, or so secure. My new girlfriend and I made wild, passionate love until 4am last night. I love how I feel now. The money spent was a bargain.


Before I met Shana I was dealing with heartbreak. I was confused and needed help understanding women. With Shana’s love coaching I learned to connect with women in a deeper way. One woman found the new way I listened and paid attention so sexy that we fell in love. My relationships with my family and close friends improved too.


I Made it Through Divorce and I’m Happier Than Ever

Before working with Shana I was heading towards a divorce and was miserable. With her help I made it through and was able to meet a wonderful woman. I am now happier than I ever was.  


I Was Promoted, Got Two Raises and I’m With An Incredible Woman

Before Shana I was struggling to be honest about my real needs and desires in my relationship. And although I was doing well at work I was not satisfied with giving more than I was getting in return.

Shana helped me step into my power and communicate more boldy. With my work this earned me a promotion and two raises in the same year. With my girlfriend, it allowed us to deepen our love and understanding. We are now happily married.


Message from Shana:

Dating after divorce can be challenging. Having been through divorce myself I know this to be true! Not only do you have the usual fears and insecurities of dating -- whether you'll be liked, seen as attractive, etc. -- you have the added proof that relationships don't always last and that you may be hurt by someone you love. 

What's powerful is that you get to clarify who you are and what's important to you as you start over. You get to create a new relationship with someone who excites, loves and supports you! This time around you can have a kind of love and passion you've never had before. Read this e-book now to save you months, or even years, of pain and struggle. 


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