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If you’re like the thousands of men I’ve supported over the last 20 years, you’re smart, caring, generous and most of life is going well for you.
And yet your romantic relationship, or your sex-life, is surprisingly challenging or unsatisfying.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You don’t have the connection, affection or intimacy you want
  • You avoid talking about sex because you don’t want to kill your sex life
  • You’re hesitant to tell a woman what you like and don’t like
  • You’re tentative with your attraction and desire, holding it back until you get “permission”
  • You feel confused or nervous around women (even though you may not feel this at work)
  • You wonder if you need to be “alpha” or an asshole for a woman to want you

If any of this is familiar, you’re definitely NOT alone.

I’ve worked with many men who have brought me these same challenges. This has helped me discern the 6 essential conversations that, when you know how to have them, are the key to the affection, connection and sex you want.

In this masterclass series you’ll learn how to go from thinking you’re Clark Kent to remembering that you’re actually Superman – your own unique version of course.


You’ll get what you need to shift from
hoping for connection and sex, to having more of it!

These Masterclasses will give you the tools and understanding to be more confident and make it easier to talk with women about everything from challenges and frustrations, to needs and fantasies.

Each Masterclass will be a powerful blend of teaching, demos and practice conversations. I will give you personal and specific feedback on how your words, body language and tone are impacting your ability to build trust, attraction, and curiosity with women. And I usually only offer this level of feedback to my private clients.

Knowing the impact you have on a woman changes everything. As you start to understand why women react the way they do, it becomes easier to create the safety and spark that lead to connection and a great sex life.

In each masterclass you’ll discover…

The pitfalls that kill intimacy and sex, and how to avoid them (or get out if you fall in)

My simple and effective conversation framework to ignite attraction and connection with women (on a first date and in a decades long relationship)

Ways to unblock your (sexual) power, so you can access your mojo when you want it

Clarity on how to ask for your desires (no matter how vanilla or wild) so you can confidently take action in, and out of, the bedroom

Tools to transform women’s upsets and deflections into connection and intimacy


Reading books and listening to podcasts only gets you so far. In these Masterclasses you can ask me questions, get feedback, and feel in your bones what it’s like to connect with a woman in a way that opens her. Each class will give you actionable tips and ways to naturally access your unique, potent version of Superman.


It’s Like I’ve Progressed 20 Years in a Few Weeks

Before working with Shana, I felt I had to conceal my sexuality with women to not offend them. It’s like I’ve progressed 20 years in a few weeks. I’ve never felt so good about myself, or so secure. My new girlfriend and I made wild, passionate love until 4am last night. I love how I feel now. The money spent was a bargain.


I Found the Same Success in Love I Was Having With My Company

Before I met Shana I was dealing with heartbreak. I was confused and needed help understanding women. With Shana’s love coaching I learned to connect with women in a deeper way. One woman found the new way I listened and paid attention so sexy that we fell in love. My relationships with my family and close friends improved too.


I Have a More Connected and Passionate Relationship

I turned to Shana even though I’m in a men’s group and deeply value men supporting me. Talking about relationships is something that feels very vulnerable. Men have their own stories, advice and judgments.

Shana listens without judgment or the “right way” to do things. Her listening and wisdom gave me the clarity to move forward, take powerful action and have more connection and passion in my relationship.


The ROI on this investment is awesome. Claim your spot here to
get the support to have more affection, connection and sex:

Part 5: April 24th 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm PT

In this masterclass, you'll learn how to create more pleasure and connection with women!

If you miss the class you'll receive the recording to watch at your convenience.
Parts 6 will happen in June. You can come to one or all. You'll sign up for each masterclass separately.

Personal Note from Shana:

Whether you’re dating or in a relationship, you have to learn to talk about your desires and challenges in a way that brings a woman closer to you and turns her on, rather than pushes her away!

I’m passionate about helping Nice Guys with this because you care about women and the world. You deserve to have a kickass relationship and sex-life, where you’re supported and valued for your heart and generosity. I never want you to have to put on a mask or try to be an alpha dude.

When my clients learn to confidently have these conversations, they stop feeling scarce or awkward. Last week a client told me he is having the connected sex he’d only read about. And women tell my clients they're so impressed because they’ve never met men who are so hot AND caring at the same time. I want that for you, and I know it’s possible for you too!

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I More Easily Meet, Connect With and Date Incredible Women

Before Shana, women were strange creatures I was trying to learn to ‘control.’ I had a successful life but women did not make sense to me. Shana helped me understand women. Now I can more easily meet, connect with and date incredible women.


I Made it Through Divorce and I’m Happier Than Ever

Before working with Shana I was heading towards a divorce and was miserable. With her help I made it through and was able to meet a wonderful woman. I am now happier than I ever was.  



1. “How do I know if I’m a Nice Guy?”

If you turn off or down your desire to ensure you’re respectful…
If you take what you can get rather than asking for what you want…
If prioritizing a woman’s needs makes you lose sight of yours…

You’ve got some of the Nice Guy patterns that push great women away.

Nice Guy Patterns
Not Knowing How to Have Conversations That Open a Woman’s Heart and Body
A Painful Lack of Affection, Connection, Love and Sex

Nice Guys often tell me that women fade away, ignore or even attack them. I’m here to help you shift your relationships so you are valued, understood, and desired for who you are. No need for facades, lines or trying to be some version of manly that doesn’t work for you!

2. “Why are conversations with women about connection and sex so challenging?”

It’s not your fault that conversations about relationships and sex are so hard that they’re often put on the back burner, or never happen. Women are complex and can be confusing, and they don’t always make it easy to talk about your desires, fears and frustrations.

Your self-doubt and awkwardness are the parts of you that will likely try to have these important conversations. But this makes conversations painful and ineffective. When you learn to navigate your anxious and defensive parts, and tap into the confident, curious parts of you, you’ll stop having awkward dates and deadened relationships.

Learning to have these conversations is a doorway to release shame and know yourself as a whole and worthy man. You can be free from having to prove that you’re good enough or lovable. I see my clients become more and more irresistible.

3. “What is the advantage of working with a woman on my relationship struggles?”

As a woman ally, I can tell you when you break or build trust, and what turns me on or off! As a woman ally who wants you to have the love and sex you want, I know the particular challenges you face with women, and I’ve spent more than two decades walking men through them. Getting support from a woman who has trained in these areas is important because I…

  • Translate woman speak: When women’s actions make sense you’ll know how to create more connection and intimacy. It’s like learning to become a woman whisperer.

  • Heal wounds that happen with women: Wounds that happen with women tend to need to heal with women. I stand in for the women in your life, to heal the past and give you a chance to practice and overcome your fears. This allows liberation from shame and your inner critic!

  • Activate your Confidence and Sexual Power: Being with a woman who is a safe space for you to speak everything from your desires to your fears, allows you to find your sovereignty and apologize less, so you have more of the love and sex you want.

  • Help you become a masterful communicator: You’ll learn to turn anything into more connection with a woman, rather than push her away, even upsets and resentments.

If you’re not having the affection, connection or sex you want with women, join me for these new Masterclasses: The Essential Conversations for "Nice Guys" to Build Sexual Confidence and Strong Connections With Women

The ROI on this investment is awesome. Claim your spot here to
get the support to have more affection, connection and sex:

Part 5: April 24th 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm PT

In this masterclass, you'll learn how to create more pleasure and connection with women!

If you miss the class you'll receive the recording to watch at your convenience.
Parts 6 will happen in June. You can come to one or all. You'll sign up for each masterclass separately.

For 20 years Shana James, M.A. has coached more than a thousand men -- CEOs, authors, speakers and those with big visions to find love, rekindle spark, create a legacy, step into more powerful leadership,  create more effective teams,  get promoted, and become more personally inspired and fulfilled.

She is known for her ability to assess, in just a few minutes, the cause of dissatisfaction and stuck points in your love life and career. Referred to as a secret weapon, she cuts through distraction and provides direct access to your confidence, power and clarity. She is also a translator between women and men, providing effective tools to transform painful conversations and dynamics into connection and collaboration.

Shana has an M.A. in psychology, DISC certification, coaching training, and a committed mindfulness practice. With more than a decade facilitating groups and workshops, starting multiple businesses and helping hundreds start their own, going through her own divorce and raising a child, her range of skills is unlike many other coaches.


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