Too Many Men Settle for Limited Success, a Lack of Personal Fulfillment and Romantic Relationships Without Connection or Passion


Over the past 15 years I have helped nearly 1,000 men become more powerful and confidently create a life full of meaning, success, love AND passion.

Men come to me when they are looking to:

1. Increase Their Impact

2. Have a Love-Life That Matches Their Success in Life

3. Change Course To Integrate Life-long Dreams into Their Careers

4. Break Through Blocks to the Next Level of Success

5. Find the Legacy They Want to Leave

6. Be More Personally Fulfilled and Enlivened

My specialty is my ability, within a few minutes, to pinpoint the cause of a man’s dissatisfaction and stuck points in both career and love life. Men call me their secret weapon. Once the cause is determined I create a clear path to unique success and a passionate, fulfilling love life.


Here’s what men are saying:

I Finished My Book, Doubled My 7 Figure Income and Got Engaged

With Shana’s help, after almost 10 years of not dating I attracted an amazing woman I’m now engaged to. Not only is our relationship more meaningful and passionate than I’ve ever experienced, I love being an example of a healthy relationship for my daughters.

Working with Shana I reorganized my life to finish and publish the book I’d been writing for five years — Four Days to Change: 12 Radical Habits to Overcome Bias and Thrive in a Diverse World. I committed to delegating the work that drained me expanded my company’s annual revenue from $2-4 million. I am doing more of the work I love and having a powerful impact creating cultures of full inclusion in the workplace. – Michael

I Made Wild, Passionate Love Until 4 A.M. Last Night

Before working with Shana, I felt I had to conceal my sexuality with women to not offend them. It’s like I’ve progressed 20 years in a few weeks. I’ve never felt so good about myself, or so secure. My new girlfriend and I made wild, passionate love until 4am last night. I love how I feel now. The money spent was a bargain. – Joseph

I Married an Amazing Woman and Started a Career I Love

Before working with Shana I was timid and uncertain, lacking confidence and uncomfortable around women. Shana helped me transform my entire life so that I am not just a confident man, but I married an amazing woman who balances me and continually helps me grow. I also now have a successful career in Clinical Nutrition that allows me to I interact with others in ways I did not think were possible before I worked with Shana.

Having confidence has changed everything about my life and myself – the way I carry myself, the way I interact with others, the goals and relationships I have. Life is a lot easier without having this level of anxiety and worry. Having confidence helps me make conscious decisions that guide me through challenging times. – Jon

I Got Promoted. Women Started Choosing Me. Then I Married One!

Before I found Shana I was successful and confident at work. I was the man everyone asked, “You’re so great! WHY are you single?” It was painful and drove me crazy.

While working Shana, quality women who wanted ME started appearing. More women than I could have dated if I wanted to. Women said they’d never met a man like me and said I was a new model of masculinity they’ve never experienced before! The best part was I was doing less than ever.

I married an incredible woman who loves my strength AND vulnerability. She is more amazing than I ever imagined. And in the meantime I got a promotion and a raise! – Jeff

I More Easily Meet, Connect With and Date Incredible Women

Before Shana, women were strange creatures I was trying to learn to ‘control.’ I had a successful life but women did not make sense to me.

Shana helped me understand women. Now I can more easily meet, connect with and date incredible women. – Kreso

I Sold My House, Started a New Career and Dating Is Much Easier

Shana’s training and patience helped me become the best version of myself. I’m now dating as many women as time allows. I sold my house and am starting a brand new career that I didn’t have the confidence to start before. I am more masculine than ever and could not have done it without the sweet embrace of Shana’s femininity.  – Jake

I Now Have a Beautiful Girlfriend, a Great New Job and Social Circle

Before working with Shana I often felt numb and sedated. On the surface life was OK, but I was not satisfied with my love life or my work. It was hard to talk to women.

Now I have a new great job, a beautiful girlfriend and a supportive, caring social circle — things I did not have in my life before. I feel great! – Marcel

I Found the Same Success in Love I Was Having With My Company

Before I met Shana I was dealing with heartbreak. I was confused and needed help understanding women. With Shana, I learned to connect with women in a deeper way. One woman found the new way I listened and paid attention so sexy that we fell in love. My relationships with my family and close friends improved too. – Andrew

I Made it Through Divorce and I’m Happier Than Ever

Before working with Shana I was heading towards a divorce and was miserable. With her help I made it through and was able to meet a wonderful woman. She has made me happier than I ever was.  – Pete

I Was Promoted, Got Two Raises and I’m With An Incredible Woman

Before Shana I was struggling to be honest about my real needs and desires in my relationship. And although I was doing well at work I was not satisfied with giving more than I was getting in return.

Shana helped me step into my power and communicate more boldy. With my work this earned me a promotion and two raises in the same year. With my girlfriend, it allowed us to deepen our love and understanding. We are now happily married.  – Ray

I Now Know I Can Have Both a Successful Relationship AND Career

Before Shana I suffered from decades of unfulfilling emotional and sexual relationships. Shana helped me quickly overcome my fears and shame and start the greatest love affair of my life — a kind of love I didn’t think was possible, but now know it is. Every man should have the good fortune of learning from Shana!  -Ben


Being a man in the world who who leads, inspires or innovates is not easy.  With so much responsibility can come a great cost — exhaustion, stress, loneliness or settling for success that does not include personal satisfaction.

If you…

  • Are successful in your career but not personally fulfilled by the work you do
  • Have a Mediocre Sex Life or Love Life – or none at all
  • Feel haunted by thoughts that you could do or achieve more
  • Throw yourself into work and miss out on enjoying life
  • See your dreams as something for “some day” rather than now
  • Are unclear what legacy you want to leave


You deserve to have an incredible life, where you feel enlivened, inspired, supported and loved, every day!

With love,